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China, ASEAN establishes SME cooperation committee

2017-01-04     China SME Online     visits:0

On December 22, the China-ASEAN SME Cooperation Conference was held in Dezhou city, Shandong province. At the meeting, the China-ASEAN SME Cooperation Committee was established. The secretariat was located in Dezhou.

With the theme of the Co-construction of the Maritime Silk Road and Cooperation Development of China-ASEAN SMEs, the conference reached the Agreement on Strengthening the Cooperation between China and ASEAN. The two sides will open up new a path and build a new platform to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with a higher level and deeper level. The three-day meeting also held the China-ASEAN Forum on SMEs, and representatives from ASEAN countries such as Laos, the Philippines and Malaysia delivered keynote speeches on cooperation. On the afternoon of the 22nd, the Dezhou-ASEAN Business Trade and Investment Cooperation Matchmaking Conference held.

This meeting is another important achievement of the sincere cooperation between China and ASEAN, and is also an important measure of serving the Belt and Road Initiative of Dezhou. The establishment of China-ASEAN SME Cooperation Committee and the location of the Secretariat in Dezhou fully embodied the high degree of trust of the China-ASEAN Business Council and the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Government.

It is understood that Dezhou attaches great importance to the development of economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN countries. It has introduced the Directive Opinions on Docking ASEAN, formulated the Five-year Plan for Docking ASEAN, and started the Dezhou-ASEAN Project Center. In recent years, bilateral cooperation has achieved fruitful results. A group of far-sighted entrepreneurs went to invest in Dezhou. Dezhou entrepreneurs are also active in the ASEAN countries to seek a broader space for development, at present, 330 enterprises have been carrying out economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN countries. From January to November this year, bilateral trade volume increased 56% over the same period last year.

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