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China, ASEAN holds SME cooperation conference

2017-01-04     China SME Online     visits:0

China-ASEAN SME Cooperation Conference was held on December 22 in Dezhou. Xu Ningning, executive director of the China-ASEAN Business Council, worked for 25 years to promote economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN. He believed that ASEAN has colorful business opportunities, but if SMEs look for the market and partners by themselves will make this harder and more expensive. Strengthening communication of industrial policy and planning between China and ASEAN is conducive to identifying the entry point for SMEs into the other market. Industrial cooperation between China and ASEAN will benefit the development of SMEs.

Xu pointed out that the China-ASEAN Joint Statement on Production Capacity Cooperation issued at the China-ASEAN Leaders' Meeting in September this year will bring the bilateral industrial cooperation into a new stage. Over the past decade, following the construction of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, China and the ten ASEAN countries have opened their markets to each other. As a result, their economic relations have become increasingly close. The increasingly frequent economic activities are gradually forming a new industry chain in the FTA, and intra-industry cooperation and inter-industry cooperation are experiencing new changes. Enhancing bilateral industrial cooperation will promote the new development of economic and trade cooperation, consolidate and develop the strategic partnership between the two sides, promote trade and investment cooperation between enterprises, boost bilateral industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading, benefit the economic growth of China and ASEAN countries, is conducive to regional economic integration and contribute to the growth of world economy. He said that in the industry cooperation between the two sides, SMEs can get the new development and share the benefits of opening markets, and reduce concerns to the impact of foreign enterprises and product after opening market.

According to forecasts, this year and next year's ASEAN economic growth will reach 4.6% and 4.8%, slightly higher than 2015. Among them, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia will achieve more than 7% growth, Vietnam and the Philippines between 2016 and 2018 are expected to achieve an average annual growth rate of more than 6%, and Indonesian economic growth will reach 5% in 2016. Frequent economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN has become a powerful engine for economic growth.

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