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China encourages entrepreneurship, innovation in rural areas

2016-11-30     Xinhua     visits:0

BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- The central government on Tuesday released a set of guidelines to encourage rural residents to explore entrepreneurship and innovation.

According to a State Council document, the government will roll out policies to encourage migrant workers, college graduates, retired servicemen, scientists and technicians to start up businesses in the countryside to aid rural economic development.

The government expects them to work together and inject new energy into the rural economy by introducing modern technology, systems and management concepts to the countryside, which would make China's agricultural sector more competitive and increase farmers' income.

New agribusinesses including large-scale farming, farm produce processing, leisure agriculture, rural tourism, producer and consumer services are priorities of the policy support, it said.

The government will also encourage new types of business entities like family farms and farming cooperatives and online businesses.

Specific measures include easing market access, improving rural financial services, increasing fiscal support, providing entrepreneurship and innovation training and perfecting social safety net, it said.

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